Garden Tips:

Place birdhouses outside this month. Clean out any existing houses for new bird families to move in. If you've been feeding the birds right along, continue to do so, as they are relying on you.

Be sure to stop in at Green Acre for any advice on pruning or trimming of shrubs, fruit trees, roses, landscape trees and perennials. If you have any perennials or grasses still standing tall over the winter, now is the time to trim them down. Be careful not to trim down any new growth.

On a nice day, get out in your garden and clean them up. Remove any residual leaves or excess winter mulch, giving new life to your garden beds. Touch up garden and landscape areas with a fresh layer of bark mulch.

Typically speaking it is safe to plant outside after your last Full Moon in May, which turns out to be May 3rd of this year. With that said, you can start thinking about beginning your seeds indoors. 6-8 weeks before our average last frost date puts us between March 8th and March 22nd. Stop in at Green Acre for a wide selection of seeds and helpful advice to get you going.

Remove mulch or covers from roses, clematis, perennials, and other tender plants after night temperatures remain in the 30's. Be prepared to re-cover if a cold snap returns.