Garden Tips:

May is the time to repair your lawn. Fill in any bare spots by loosening the soil surface, sprinkle down grass seed and apply a light application of Turf-Line Seed Starter. Water the new seed daily for three weeks.

Bring indoor tropical plants outside for their summer vacation, after the danger of frost has passed. Gradually get them used to the wind and sun by putting them out for just an hour or two a day and slowly increasing the time outdoors.

Place a pot of herbs as close as possible to the kitchen for easy access. Chives, parsley, oregano and mint are all ready to go out now. Basil loves hot weather, so wait a couple more weeks before putting it outside.

If you haven't applied your first Turfline step, it's not too late. You will have until about Mid-May. Use Crabgrass Preventer plus Fertilizer. Turfline is a unique product as not only is it developed in this area, but it is designed to meet the needs of the soil types specific to this area.

Apply a layer of crushed eggshells in the area where you plan on putting tomatoes this year. Tomatoes love calcium and this is an easy way to recycle and have healthier tomatoes this season.

By the end of May you should be safe enough to start planting your annuals. If you get anxious and start too early, just be prepared to cover them with a light sheet should the temperatures get too cold at night. At this point, if you have started any seeds inside it should be safe enough to transfer them outdoors. You can also work in a slow release fertilizer like Osmocote to get your annuals off to a proper start.

You can start fertilizing your roses with Bayer Rose and Flower. It is a slow release fertilizer and can be applied once a month. Or, if you want a more aggressive approach, use Miracle Gro Rose Bloomer once every 2 weeks. There is also an Organic Option with Bonide Fish Emulsion. This gets worked in at the base of the plant. Stop in at Green Acre for any additional advice.

If you have any pruning, deadheading or dividing of perennial questions, be sure to stop in at Green Acre. We will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Mid-May thru the end of June is the time for your second application of Turfline. Use Weed Killer plus Fertilizer. We highly recommend Turfline as it was formulated to fit the needs of this specific region.