Garden Tips:

Protect your evergreens, including holly, boxwood, azaleas, and rhododendrons from the drying winds of winter. Spray them later this month with Wilt-Stop. This provides a protective layer on the foliage that will help prevent moisture loss.

Keep your valuable landscape plants from becoming a "bunny buffet" by applying a repellant such as Bonide Repels-All or Liquid Fence. To keep the animals from damaging the trunks of your young trees, wrap them with Clark's tree wrap or vinyl tree guards.

This is the best time of year for pruning trees. Now that the leaves are gone, you can see the framework of the tree. Use the DDD rule. Cut any damaged, diseased, or dead branches.

Protect your roses from winter winds and cold temperatures. After the first hard frost, wrap burlap or wire mesh around each plant and fill it with straw, shredded leaves or mulch. Cut roses 1/3 in November and again 1/3 in February.

It's not too late to apply your 4th step of Turfline. Use Turfline Winterizer plus Dissolve Weed Killer or Winterizer thru Mid-November.

Before you put away all of your garden tools, make sure they are cleaned, and your pruners and shears sharpened. Rusty, non-functioning tools are no fun to play with in the spring.

If you started feeding the birds, continue doing so as they may be expecting it. Green Acre has a great selection of feed.

Time to change out your fall container gardens to fresh greens. Stick boughs of Fraser fir and Douglas fir into the soil in your pots. Then add white pine tips, cedar, boxwood, winterberry and other interesting seasonal foliage to create gorgeous porch pots.